Sanding Tests

Sanding Tests

Inner and outer surface to be painted is cleaned from all impacts such as grease, dirt, rust and dust which may harm the quality of coating with Grid Blasting method and so the surface has the right roughness value necessary for coating.
Cleanliness degree is determined by taking into consideration related standards and customer necessities with EN ISO 8501-1 standard of cleanliness degrees. The cleanliness degree used mostly is Sa 2 ½.

Surface roughness which is cleaned with Grid Blasting method is supposed to be betweem the values of 40 and 70 microns according to ISO 4287-1.

Surface Tests After Sanding

    - Measurement of Surface Roughness

    - Bresle-Kit Surface sodium chloride Test

    - ISO 8501-1 Visual Control Comparator

    - Elcometer Grid Comparator

    - ISO 8502-3 Surface Dust Control

Tests of the Enviromental Conditions after Sanding

    - Air Temperature Control

    - Moisture Control

    - Dew Point Control