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Sanding and Painting

Sanding process is completed with opening meshes (giving shapes to iron ores distracted from earth and rendering them as metals), pneumatic injection painting application or airless injection painting applications.

Surface Preparation with High Pressure Water

Surface preparation with high pressure water eliminates the risks in areas which have the potential of fires or explosion. We provide our customers with harmless applications with no risk in facilities such as gas and petroleum filling plants which is under the risk of probable fires with our water jet of 2500 bar pressure.

Fire Resistant Coating

Projects for all business centers, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and prefabricated steel/conventional ferro-concrete which are appropriate for curtain walling system.

Ground Epoxy Coating

It is used in applications such as adhesion of equipment and iron, adhesion of stone, steel, aluminium and even adhesion of wood and underwater fabrication.

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